Rodenburg & Lecoq
Voice & Movement Intensive

This workshop is designed for actors and performers of all disciplines who wish to explore their vocal and physical presence, widen their range in both, and create a solid foundation for building character.

This training will allow actors to expand their vocal and physical expressiveness, equipping them to create and perform authentic and compelling characters.

1. Rodenburg Voice Work in this workshop will include:

• Accessing the diagrammatic breath;
• Aligning the posture;
• Freeing and placing the natural voice;
• Articulation and ownership of the word;
• Second Circle Presence;
• Speaking Shakespeare;
• Letting the text work you.

2. Lecoq Movement Work in this workshop will include:

• Physical preparation and movement analysis;
• An introduction to Neutral Mask as a fundamental tool in the actor’s training;
          Developed by Jacques Lecoq together with the sculptor Amleto Sartori, the Neutral Mask
          is designed to help the actor attain presence, receptiveness, and a heightened physicality.
          The Neutral Mask cultivates a state of readiness, of physical availability — a solid base from
          which the student can then create complex characters.
• An exploration of Lecoq’s seven energy levels of the body;
• A study of animals designed to inform character work through rhythm, physical patterns, body posture, sound, and breath;
• Guided improvisation exercises geared towards exploring and clarifying character work.

When: August 8-9 2015
16 Hours of Training

Where: PAL Theatre
8th floor – 581 Cardero Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 3L3

Early bird special: $295 until July 14th (Full rate $350).

This workshop can accommodate a very limited number of students.

To book your spot, please contact Chara at 604-700-6930 or email 

About The Trainers

Mark and SinziMark Downey studied under Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Patsy Rodenburg in New York and Ben Ratner in Vancouver. He is the owner of Mark Downey Vocal Studio and Speech and Presence Training. He teaches voice workshops at Ben Ratner’s Haven Studios. He is a Certified Vocal Coach and one of only 10 teachers worldwide who have been selected by Ms. Rodenburg as her first ever Certified Master Teachers. He is currently in New York working with her.

Sinziana Corozel moved to Vancouver after completing graduate studies at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Drama Honors Degree from the University of Alberta. Sinziana toured the production of Le Rêve du papillon at the acclaimed Festival d’Avignon in France, and at the Chuncheon and Suwon Theatre Festivals in South Korea. She is the co-founder of Single Line Theatre, for which she is currently developing a new physical theatre play titled MATA HARI. Sinziana teaches Physical Comedy at the Vancouver Acting School.

Patsy Rodenburg & Jacques Lecoq

About Patsy Rodenburg:

Patsy Rodenburg has been the Director of Voice at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London for 26 years and until recently at the Royal National Theatre. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading voice teachers and coaches, and also as a renowned authority on Shakespeare. Patsy has worked regularly with the best-known actors of the British theatre, including Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, and Daniel Day-Lewis, to name a few, as well as many of the biggest stars of film and television such as Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, and Natalie Portman. Patsy is also a best-selling author whose notable publications include Speaking Shakespeare, The Right to Speak, The Need For Words, The Actor Speaks, The Second Circle, and Power Presentation.

About Jacques Lecoq:

“Jacques Lecoq was neither an actor nor a director but a drama teacher whose profound influence has been manifest on stages around the world over the past 20 years. In the West this has been the century of psychological theatre. The greatest actors have developed phenomenal subtlety and range—but only from the neck up. The movie camera has accelerated this: a microscope of facial and vocal expression. Outstanding actors have always brought their whole body to their roles, assisted by great teachers of movement such as Litz Pisk, Brecht’s Viennese designer, or Michel St Denis, a member of the fledgling Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). But their physicality remained an adjunct to their spoken parts—something to be taken in subconsciously by an audience, seen rather than heard. Lecoq, by contrast, really made the body sing.” The Economist

This workshop can accommodate a very limited number of students.

To book your spot, please contact Chara at 604-700-6930 or email