The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War

Poster-BodyOfAWoman_Web Photo: John Mutter | Poster Design: Darryl Ahye

Written by Matei Visniec
Directed by Cristian Paul Badiu
Translated by Alison Sinclair
Performed by Sinziana Corozel & Qelsey Zeeper
Stage Management by Monica Emme
Set and Lighting Design by Cheyenne Sykes
Costume Design by Izabela Gereb
Sound Design by Julianna Labots
Produced by Single Line Theatre (Executive Producers: Morgana Amber Stout & Marinel Corozel; Associate Producer: Francis Mugaba)


Video by Darryl Ahye


The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War is a work of fiction based on real life events.
While informed by the facts occurred in the Bosnian War (1992 – 1995) — in which rape was used as a form of military strategy aimed at demoralizing and humiliating the adversary — the show explores questions of belonging and loss of identity in this context of inter-ethnic war. To prevent conflict from happening here, one has to consider the universal causes for it, and understand what needs to change.

The play tells the story of an American psychologist, Kate, who is sent to Bosnia to help a team digging up mass graves, and as a consequence is impaired by a variation of PTSD. She is cared for in a NATO medical facility where she meets Dorra, a victim of gang war rape. The relationship dynamic takes unexpected turns as the two women deal with the aftermath of war.

This is Single Line Theatre‘s inaugural production.

The play was performed at The Cultch Theatre (1895 Venables St., Vancouver) in September, 2014, as part of the Vancouver Fringe Dramatic Works Series.


You can download the Press Release here!