Hunt for Joy

HUNT FOR JOY – a Web Series Created by Single Line

Directed by Darryl Ahye
Written & Produced by Sinziana Corozel
Director of Photography: Borislav Penchev
Production Designer: Fernando Rojas Acuña
Editor: Darryl Ahye


HUNT FOR JOY depicts the universe of Joy Moore, a slightly delusional woman in her late twenties. In facing sheer chaos, abandonment, and alienation, Joy copes by allowing her imagination to idle into idyllic worlds.

The pilot episode of HUNT FOR JOY premiered on TELUS Optik TV On Demand on March 16, 2015, and was funded by Telus through the Storyhive Filmmaking Grant.


The Pilot Episode visits Joy’s seemingly normal childhood, only to plunge into an abusive present. As she is forced to journey into a new and overwhelming city to break away from the dysfunctional relationship, Joy gets a job in a mailroom. That shred of hope quickly dissipates when she commits mail fraud and looses the job.

Follow Joy on her hunt for normalcy, friendship, belonging, and a coming-to-terms with her own self as she faces the reality of the world around her.

Pilot Episode: TEASER


Joy –  Sinziana Corozel 1st Assistant Director –  Jack Yoo
Joy’s Mother –  Laura Holdaway Gaffer –  Sansitny Ruth
Toddler Joy –  Cleo Hynes  1st Assistant Camera  Fernando Rojas Acuña
Seven-Year Old Joy  Yasmin Belanger  Production Sound Mixers  Heraldo Abreu &
 Chris Rogers
Classroom Students  Rylah Hynes &
 Zander Hlady
Sound Designer  Eric Mouawad
Teacher  Karen Petersen Data Wrangler  Adam MacKay
Sixteen-Year Old Joy  Priya Parekh Make-Up Artist  Lily Ling
Manuel  Patrick Carr    
Bus Passenger  Andrea Kostkova  
Claire  Katherine Krampol MU SIC
Bill  Al Dales  “Black Dog Sleep”  by Katherine Krampol
Simon  Nathan Ozee “Only Knows”  by Broke For Free
Stranger  Miles Ellis    

SPECIAL THANKS: Chris Rogers, Izabela Gereb, Mostafa Keshvari, Brendon Sawatzky, Nasser Tavakoli, Pacific Coach, Concept Neon Ltd., Miss Smart Shoe Store, Gordon Neighbourhood House.