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The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War

A Single Line Theatre Production
Written by Matei Visniec
Translated by Alison Sinclair
Directed by Cristian Paul Badiu
Performed by Sinziana Corozel (as Dorra)
& Qelsey Zeeper (as Kate)

Quotes & Reviews

“An exceptional play, which sadly is just as pertinent today…” — Alison Sinclair
“A serious, professional take on an important subject.” — Beyond YVR, Vancouver
“At once poetic, harrowing, compelling, and horrifying.” — Lois Patterson, Plank Magazine, Vancouver
“An intense, dark, yet humorous drama that has been effectively and sensitively produced, with some standout acting.” — Lois Patterson, Plank Magazine, Vancouver
“[A] contemporary tale of two women struggling with rape and trauma.” — Georgia Straight, Vancouver
“I was impressed by the acting of these two actors.” — Ed Farolan, The Vancouver Review
“Amazing performance! Profoundly touching work! I look forward to seeing more shows from your company.” — Patron


September 8, 2014: CBC Radio Canada Interview with Jacques Dufresne – Boulevard du Pacifique. Interview audible here:

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